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Welcome to Frog Dog Games, where we develop and publish board games, card games, and online games for endless fun!

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We love French Bulldogs.

Our Nora and Pepper have therefore served as models for our company logo.

Games fanatics who create and publish their own games. The founders are the couple Simone Pit (1965: Year of the Snake, 2025) and Christian van Gils (1964: Year of the Dragon 2024), who both attended the art academy in Breda, set up an advertising agency and a software company and successfully sold them. .

We have always played games with our 3 children and now it is time to be the first to test, fine-tune and further develop the new games together with them.

Soon a board game with a film theme, a card game with a stealing theme and an online game with an art theme.

Dragon Dance - card game

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The dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese horoscope, its colored scales come to life when you connect them properly. The year 4721 started on February 10, 2024 according to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the Dragon.

Come to stand B7 at Zuiderspel March 16-17 in Veldhoven and pick up your FREE button!

Dragon Dance is suitable for all ages.

With us you will find a passionate team that develops and invents board games, card games and online games with the aim of having fun. We take into account the different ages in a family, so that it is always fun to play our games together or alone.

Normally I'm not into games, but I immediately found this game fun and easy to understand!

Martijn Feenstra
test panel

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of games does Frog Dog Games offer?

We device and publish board games, card games and online games, with the aim of having fun.

What's planned?

A board game with a film theme is in development. A card game with a stealing theme and an online game with an art theme.

Have you been around long?

No, we just started the company Frog Dog Games and are now releasing our first game, the crad game Dragon Dance. We have been cray about games al our lives.

Cab we buy Dragon Dance yet?

Unfortunaltely not yet, but you can place a Pre-Order so that we will keep you informed as soon as it is available. The game cost € 14,99. Pre-Order price € 11,99.

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Normal price € 14,99. Pre-Order price € 11,99.